Welcome to the EMSS new website!

We are proud to present to you our newly revamped EMSS website, which is now clean, responsive and standard-compliant.


EMSS transformed from its old self

We have improved the design and layout while enhancing its accessibility and usability. To give but one example feature, you can now view events and directly add them to your Google Calendar. It’s that easy!

EMSS.ORG.SG is built to be scalable; members can expect to find more useful features being incrementally appended as time goes. One of these would include a better, seamless membership management experience (online sign-up, payment etc).

On the social media front, we are (finally) on Twitter, going by the @emssorg handle. Check us out, but more importantly follow us and receive the very latest updates from EMSS!

To the members of EMSS old and new, we hope you will find this new face of the society a welcomed change as we steer our organization on a continuous upward path.

Please let us know what you think and suggest ways with which we can do even better. Thank you!

~ yeeszemen

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