Speakers’ Presentations for the Public Forum ‘Let’s Talk About Hormones’ is Now Available Online

The endocrine system plays a significant role in our overall health through the production of hormones. Our hormones let our body know when to sleep, eat, lose weight and heal. Hormones also control fertility, digestive system and skin conditions. EMSS organised this free forum ” Let’s Talk About Hormones” on 18 February 2017 to educate the public on the many aspects of how hormones control our health. The PDF presentation for all speakers’ slides is now available online for download.

  1.  What Are Hormones And How It Affects You by Dr Vivien Lim
  2.  Hormones & Overweight/Obesity Management by A/Prof. Melvin K.S. Leow
  3.  Hormones & Diabetes by Dr Vanessa Au

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