EMSS Endorsement

Any partners wishing for EMSS to endorse their projects or events must meet the following guidelines. Please contact the secretariat for a copy of the Grant Application Form. 

Guidelines for EMSS Endorsement 

1. Topic appropriate for target audience, target audience must be specified.

2. Provide abstract of talk and learning objectives.

3. There should be an appointed chairperson and the person must be independent of speaker(s), independent of sponsoring pharma, and be a specialist in the subject(s) to facilitate unbiased presentation.

4. Speaker to attach his or her CV.  Speaker should be a specialist in the field of the subject. Speaker can mention credentials and affiliation but cannot advertise any medical services for his/her clinic or institution.

5. Any potential conflicts of interest must be declared on slides, before talk.

6. Invitation flyer: Title of talk prominently displayed; must not have any names of products mentioned.

7. EMSS logo prominently displayed on front.

8. Mention sponsored by “unrestricted educational grant” (if from pharma).

9. Apply at least 1 month before talk (for CME points and EMSS endorsement).

(11 August 2017)


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